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Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


Wow! What the hell is this shit? Giant octopus causing havok with subs, boats and even hellicoptors! Stay clear of this shit!

Movie starts during the cold war with a Russian sub being attack by an american sub. The nuclear contents on the Russian sub leak into the water after the american attack... Ok so at this point it's clear that the nuclear radiation in the water mutates an octopus... so may as well shut it off now and save yourself the agony of watching a movie that has already been done 300000000 times! I wish I was that smart! I ended up watching it after that point and believe me it wasn't pretty! Once the movie jumps to the present it gets even worse! Some special agent Turner guy arrests a terrorist and in order to bring him back to the USA they must go VIA a submarine. Well, well... Since this is a movie about a giant killer octopus what's a better way to travel home? So of course  they get attcked by the killer octopus in the water, the terrorist guy under arrest escapes of course just to add fire to the 'against all the odds' scenario! Then they end up on a cruise ship which also gets attacked  by the octopus and then it even attacks a hellicopter that is trying to save the terrorist guy.

Don't rent this movie! It really is just down right awful! The special effects and acting are so bad you can't even laugh at it! I had to get a shower after I watched this movie just so I could revive myself!

Henry's Comments

 "Jesus Christ! Not only did this movie suck but what the hell was up with this Agent Turner guy? What a fucking geek!"