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The Others(2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



'Sooner Or Later They Will Find You'.

Just got back from the theatre where I expected to be blown away by The Others.  I must say i'm a little bit let down but overall this was one solid film.

Grace(Nicole Kidman) and her 2 children, who happen to be photo-sensitive(can't be exposed to sunlight), are living a beautiful mansion during the end of the second World War. They live alone in the house awaiting some sort of word on Grace's husband Charles, who was fighting the War in France but is believed to be dead. Although Grace has never received any official word saying so. Three people show up to the house one day to apply for jobs as helpers for the house, grounds and children. Up to this point, one of Grace's children Anne, has claimed that they are not alone in the house. Other 'beings' of some sort also occupy their house and appartently want Grace and her family out ASAP! Of course Grace and her son  Nicholas think that Anne is just acting crazy and trying to scare everyone but as the movie progressed, more and more unexplainable voices, moving objects...etc happen. Is the house really haunted? Do Grace's helpers have anything to do with the strange happenings in her home?  Or is there something much more deeper going on that can only be explained by a crazy twisted hollywood ending? Let's go with the crazy twisted Hollywood ending shall we!

If you are looking for wall to wall scares you won't find them in The Others. The movie  moves very slow building up the story. There are some good scares in the middle and near the end but not quite as many as I had hoped for. Visually it's dark and foggy which I really liked.  It helped set the mood and went great with Nocole Kidman's outstanding acting performance. No violence by the way! It uses it's story, settings and acting to the deviler chills. It succeeds for the most part but the ending of the movie  reminded me a bit too much of a movie that came out in the summer of 1999. It was called the Sixth something or other... haha.

If you enjoyed the Sixth Sense and What Lies Beneath I think you will really enjoy The Others. Alot of the scares come from the same formula used for What Lies Beneath. Slamming doors, voices, lots of darkness...etc. It worked for Michelle Pfeiffer and works here for Kidman. Great acting is the key!  It's hard to talk about much of the movie without giving anything away so I will leave it at that.  Enjoy!

Henry's Comments

 "Yo yo yo, can you dig this shit! What a minute! We're talking about the Others?!?! I thought  I was suppose to watch The Brothers! Damn!"