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The Outing - Woohoo the horror version of Aladin! A 3000 year old lamp is stolen by 3 trouble makers at the first of the movie from some old hag. The old lady was wearing a braclet that gave her the power over the lamp.  The 3 robbers end up killing the old lady and when they do the braclet falls off her wrist. One of the robbers then manages to open up the lamp and a bunch of glowing green smoke comes out of it. The glowing smoke kills the 3 robbers and then the cops come and take awhile all the evidence. The evidence is then brought to a museum so the lamp can be dated and tested. The daughter of  the head archeologist finds the braclet and puts it on. The lamp starts glowing and the big bad  green glowing smoke is released in the museum. The girl gets a bit possessed by the braclet and she invites her bf and 2 other couples over to spend the night in the museum. Also there are these 2 other  guys who decide to come over and crash the party. One of them is the ex-bf of the girl who is possessed by the braclet. Ok so the 3 couples and the 2 other guys all sneak into the museum...the 3 couples  do what they do best in cheesy horror movies and that's getting naked and making out in places you know they are going to get it! The first couple is making out and the girl decides she wants to get a bath?!?!?!? Ok first of all why the hell is there a fully furnished bathroom in a basement of a museum!  We're not talking a normal bathroom...this is a bathroom straight from Time Life's Kitchens and Bathrooms book!  Anyway...she goes in the bath...the green smoke tears her bf into 2 peices...smoke then releases some nearby snakes and they kill the girl in the bathtub...then one of the guys from the other couples goes into check on them(he must have wanted a 3 way in the tub)...a snake attacks him... his gf who is now alone decides to dress up in some museum clothes and then she is rapped by the  2 other guys who snuck in with them into the building...YUCK MALE NUDITY ALERT!!!!! Turn your heads!!! Ok so then the 2 guys who are rapping this girl are attack by the kills them off... Now we are down to one couple! The possessed girl and her bf. They find all the bodies of everyone and then start to freak...this corpse that is sitting in a museum case then gets full of the green smoke  and attacks her bf. All of a sudden the girl's dad comes in with his gf! The green smoke  turns into the really pathetic looking monster! Were talking green garbage bags and horns! It chases  them all around...I think it wanted the braclet?!!? I really have no clue! Anyway they find out that  the only way to kill the Genie monster is to destroy the lamp. The possessed girl burns it... braclet fals off her arm...police come and movie ends!!! This movie sucked so bad it's hard to say anything smart ass'ed about it :) I hate when that happens!!!