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Planet of the Apes(2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Just got back from the theatre... Two words sum up my mood right now... LET DOWN!  Two lobeters is probably being generous! I've been waiting 8 months to see this movie! I remember seeing the trailer in January and counting down the days until Planet  of the Apes opened. I figured with Tim Burton behind the wheel there is no way Apes could be a bad movie but I was wrong. I'm not saying it sucked  because it didn't live up to the original. I'm saying it suck because it simply just did.

I don't think there is much need to go into the plot. I'm sure everyone knows the  story of the crash landed astronaut(Wahleberg) and his struggle against the Apes who now rule the planet. Basically it's just about Wahlberg's character trying to find his space ship and get home to his normal planet and life.

Burton's attempt at Planet of the Apes has a very simple feel to it. Nothing was really explored into any detail. Sure the apes looked cool and the scenery was awesome, but that  alone doesn't make a good movie. The movie just felt like it was one scene all crammed together.  Astronaut crashes, gets caught by apes, escapes, fights them... blah! The explanation of how the apes ended ruling the planet was very lame and uninteresting. I don't want to even get started on the ending.  It was laughable! The last 20 minutes really destroyed any hope that the film had of being any good. Why did anyone else star in this movie besides Mark Wahlberg is something else that is bothering me. He was a self centered asshole in the movie. Only wanting to get back to his ship and then leave everyone else behind. The other 'human' characters in the film had almost zero lines and hardly  any purpose. Especially the main female human! What was that all about having her in this? She was a throw away character!

Overall the movie offered some cool looking apes, nice backdrops and a few good fights.  Thus far this is the most disappointing movie I have seen in 2001! They left the ending open for a sequel so I really hope that if a second movie is made that it is ALOT better!

Henry's Comments

 "Chim Chim no like this movie! Bad monkey! *spank*spank*"

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