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The Pool(2002)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Hmmmm well it's not a great movie and in all honesty, it's a German rip off of Scream, but hey I found quite a few things to enjoy within the pool! Grab your water wings and come on in... the water's... well red!

A bunch of spoiled rotten German students break into a indoor pool facility(kind of like the YMCA haha yeah right) to  celebrate their graduation where they plan on doing some drinkin', swimmin', screwin', spewin' and all that other fun stuff that people seem to do in Slasher Horror Movies. Anyway... everyone is having a great time, all the  stereo-typical characters are on their roles, lots of drinking, jock type pranks, insults and bickering is going on! Oh and let's not forget we have the one girl at the pool party who can't swim!!! Guess what!?!? Someone tries to throw her  into the pool and of course she flips out and when asked why she's scared of the pool she says she can't tell!!! Of course  we are hinted that something in her child hood has occured that has prevented her from learning to swim!!! So from that point forward, we all can guess that she's the tart that survives until the end and has the final conflict with the killer  in the pool!!! Movie reads like a fucking book! Blah!

Yeah so anyway, you can probably guess, the killer shows up at the pool party and goes on a serious killing spree! Somehow all the characters get locked in the pool facility and there's no escape! Zzzzzzz! Who could this killer be???  Well who gives a sweet fuck! I just sat back and watched some very cool, original killings and tried  to turn my brain off as much as possible. From the start, you can guess the whole plot, who will survive and who will die... etc and etc. There's no point in getting into it anymore than I already have!

Basically we have a killer, a swimming pool and lots of the red stuff!!! The killings are top notch and  probably the only thing that makes this movie watchable. Well I guess the chicks are hot but, for the most part, they keep their clothes on.

The Pool is watchable, just don't expect anything new from the plot or characters. It's nothing more than a Scream rip off but like I said it does offer plenty of entertaining killings. Just watch it for those!

Henry's Comments

 "I guess the night of graduation is one popular night
for a slasher to go on a killing spree!  I think they need to start picking different days!  Maybe the next trend should be slashers killing students on snow days!! Are you reading this Jack Frost?"