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Predator(1987) - By T-Dawg

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



 This is a Sci-Fi horror classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. This is the kind of movie that characterized his career with ground breaking special effects, classic one liners, and excellent non stop action with a solid story. Getting to relive this movie on DVD is pure nostalgia at its best. There really isn’t anything this movie does wrong it hits all the right notes including the awesome musical score that amplifies the action throughout the movie.

 The cast is top notch with the likes of Carl Weathers (post Rocky), Jesse “the Body” Ventura (Pre idiotic politician phase), and Journeymen Bill Duke. The rest of the squad has the dorky communications expert (with optional nerd glasses), the Scout that smells trouble a mile away and has a funny feeling there is something out there, and Poncho the munitions expert. There is also a female captive that gets thrown in with the guys as a POW. The best performance that stands out in the movie is definitely Bill Duke’s character Mac who gets show more acting range and depth than the others. The most menacing thing about the movie is the Marquis player himself - Predator. Though you don’t get to see much of him until the final act of the movie the brilliant use of his reptile like cackle and whip like sound effects that snap you into his heat vision perspective and chameleon like ability to blend in with the environment keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire movie.

 The movie takes place in a smothering, lush jungle which helps add to the atmosphere and tone that at any moment something will be swooping in or jumping out for the kill. The cinematography is picture perfect and head and shoulders above what you see in the standard horror film. As for the script yeah there are a lot of through away lines especially the dialogue delivered by the geeky Hawkins. Every time he told one of his pussy jokes I kept hoping Predator would zero in his head with that triangular Spanish red dot and blow his head off. In the pecking order he doesn’t last long anyway. All the characters who parish, get to gruesomely bow out of the picture at Predators hands.

 The plot is as good as it has to be. Basically these guys originally go in to rescue some Officials who went MIA and are now POW’s. The movie has some minor twists along the way that expose one of the soldier’s real motives behind their mission. In the end you know Arnie and Predator are going to square off like an old western showdown and it delivers. I like how there seems to be an intermission between all the major fight sequences so both sides can regroup for repairs and setting up booby traps.

Overall this gets the HMTS industry standard of 5 lobsters. With all the tension and fast paced action you won’t have time to think about or criticize any of the minor flaws the movie has. Most of you have already seen this but its worth picking up again to enjoy. After seeing how they destroyed the sequel with Danny Glover in the lead role it makes you appreciate the original that much more! The special effects still KICK ASS!

Henry's Comments

 "Two workds... Jesse Ventura! All this classic was missing was Roddy Piper and Zeus! No Holds Barred Mutha Fuckers!"