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Psycho II(1983)

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"It's 22 years later, and Norman Bates is finally coming home"!

Norman is back! Welcome back dude! We sure missed ya! What were you in jail for again? Oh yeah for killing all those people. Bummer. I'm sure you are a changed man now after serving your time and that the public will give you a second chance... or will they?  Hmmm maybe not!

After 22 years Norman returns to his old home and the Bates Motel. He plans on returning to normal life where he will live in his old home and run his old motel.  Only problem is that some of the locals, and not to mention some of the realitives of the people he killed don't think he should be a free man. Infact some people will stop at nothing to make sure he winds up right back in jail where they feel he belongs. Lila Crane, the sister of the shower victim  from the first classic film, has a plan to send Norman back to jail. She attempts to set Norman up by using her own Daughter, Mary, to try and drive Norman crazy once again. Lila and Mary try to make Norman believe that his Mother is still alive and well(well crazy)  by dressing up as her and calling Norman on the phone pretending to be her. By doing this they hope to have Norman snaap and do something violent which will end him right back in jail. Things get a bit interesting as people around the Bates Motel and Home start to go missing without a trace.  Are Mary and Lila going to the extreme of killing people to get Norman back behind bars? Or is their plan working and they have Norman crazy once again on a killing spree?

This is one of the all time best sequels ever created. It wouldn't be easy living up to the  first Psycho movie but I feel Psycho II gets the job done. Anthony Perkins was outstanding once again as Norman.  Does anyone play a better crazy man? Along with Perkins strong performance the plot was solid as well.  Great idea having Lila Loomis and her Daughter trying to get back at Norman for the killer of Lila's sister.  The movie keeps you guessing up until the end as to who is doing the killing. Loved the surprise ending! Clever and original!

Henry's Comments

 "I'm jealous! I wish I was more like Norman!"


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