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Psycho III(1986)

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"Norman Bates is back to normal. But Mother's off her rocker again!"!

Norman is back... again! Psycho III continues right from Psycho II. I really like it  when movies do that with their sequels! Ohhh Mother... Anyway...

A disturbed young Nun named Maureen, after accidentally causing the death of another Nun, finds her way to the Bates Motel after leaving the Convent. Norman is at the Motel where it's business as usual when he sees  Maureen stumble towards him. Maureen has a strong resemblence to Norman's shower victim from the  first Psycho Movie, Marion Crane. Once Norman sees her he starts to remember the killing of  Marion and then he starts to hear dear old 'Mother' who tells him once again to kill her. Norman refuses so  'Mother' attempts to  kill Maureen in the same room that Marion was killed in but instead Maureen is found trying to kill herself in the bathtub. Next thing we know Norman is at the hospital with her as she recovers from her  self inflicted wrists wounds. Norman then offers to help get her life back on track  but he begins to develope feelings for Maureen. Mother is not pleased! A drifter from the beginning of the movie(he gave Maureen a ride) named Duane Duke starts to work at the Motel as an extra hand but it isn't long before he starts to realize that  something fishy is going at the Motel. That being lots of murders and one big cover up. In the meantime Norman tries to have a relationship with Maureen without 'Mother' coming between them but that  proves to be quite the challenge. Will Norman and Maureen live happily ever after or will Mother spoil the party  but sharpening her favorite knife? Or maybe Duane Duke will spoil the party by coming out with what  he knows about what's going on at the Bates Motel.

This was another great sequel in the Psycho series. And it is also the directing debut of Anothy Perkins.  It's a bit of a turn from the previous two movies with lots of the red stuff, T&A and some humor but  it worked well. It all added up to one great slasher flick with everyone's favorite split personalty character. My only minor complaint is that you know right off the bat who Mother really is. That being Norman. He's crazy once  again like he was in the first movie. Did that hurt the story any? No way!  No one acts better in horror movies than Anthoy Perkins and that is what makes this film so great. We all know Norman is 'Mother' but he still he makes us doubt ourselves somewhat to who the killer is. He's the master of the split personality!

Henry's Comments

 "Norman is one bad ass cross dresser!"


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