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Psycho IV(1991)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"You've met Norman... now meet mother"

During a call in radio show discussing the topic of Matricide(killing your mom), Norman Bates decides to call in and tell it's listeners why he killed  his mother and also blurps out that he feels the need to kill again! Whoops!

Most of the movie deals with Norman's past. Before the events of the original Psycho took place. We get to finally see the murders that took place before the original Psycho which I found very interesting. If you recall from the first movie, there was alot of talk of missing peoples and at the end they dragged the local swamp to uncover Norman's victims.  Also we get a first hand look at how Mother, Norma Bates, treated Norman and ended up driving him crazy enough to poison her and her male lover. Good stuff! On the side, Norman is now married(in present time  of the movie) and they are expecting their first child. Norman doesn't like the idea of having another Norman running around so he tells the radio show that he has to do something drastic to make  everything right and to destroy the Norman Bates saga forever.

Psycho IV moves at a pretty good pace. Lots of past events are thrown in and we get to see alot of twisted things happen between Norman and his mother Norma. Was good for us to see why he turned out the way he did. Loved the ending as well. It was perfect for the final Psycho movie.

I'm not 100% sure but I think Psycho IV was made for TV. Either that or it went straight to video. If it was made for TV, it's the best TV movie I have ever seen. As a die hard Psycho fan I can't say enough  about how interesting this movie is. It may not be the greatest movie ever made but it summed the Psycho series up nicely.

Henry's Comments

 "Norman getting a woody while play wrestling with his mom... Did we really need to see that?"

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