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Personally I would have to say that this is my favorite horror movie of all time! I couldn't even guess  how many times I have seen it over the years! Story, acting, cool looking monster, an old witch with some killer one liners...the movie has it all!

Pumpkinhead is a monster who is brought to life by a Witch. If someone has a bone to pick with someone else they can go to see this Witch and she can bring Pumpkinhead to life to kick some ass for that person! But of course it just in't that simple. The person who requests Pumpkinhead also must pay a price!

Movie starts with a really good intro! Pumpkinhead chasing down some poor soul who has done someone wrong sometime in the past. He tries to get help from the locals but no one wants to get involved with anything to do with Pumpkinhead.  When Pumkpinhead is summoned he must finish his task before he will rest. If anyone else gets in Pumpkinhead's path they to will die. Anyway the guy gets killed by Pumpkinhead and the movie jumps to the present day.

This a story of a father(Lance Henriksen) and his son! Son gets accidentally killed by some out of town  dirtbikers and dear ole Daddy decides to ask a local Witch to avenge his son's death by bringing Pumpkinhead to life. Pumpkinhead comes to life and starts kicking some dirtbiker ass! Henriksen starts to regret what he has asked  the witch to do so he pleads with her to stop Pumpkinhead but she tells him you can't stop what you have started until  Pumpkinhead has completed his job. Henriksen joins forces with th remaining dirtbiker crew and tries to stop Pumpkinhead before he ends up killing the whole works of them! Turns out that since Henriksen requested Pumpkinhead's services that he and Pumpkinhead are one of the same. In order to stop Pumpkinhead Henriksen takes his own life.

You could really feel a strong emoitional bond between Henriksen and his son. When his son dies  it's a real tear jerker! Acting and character development really made this film! Also Pumpkinhead himself was one cool looking monster and had a serious bad attitude! A very good combination! Other things I really dug was the coloring of the film(had this greyish creepy tint), the Pumpkinhead myth,  the redneck locals and the Witch herself!

Don't even rent Pumpkinhead 2 Bloodwings by the way! Totally turned the direction of the story and starred the same jackass guy from Jack Frost! He plays a Sheriff in both movies(Frost and Pumpkinhead 2), nice to see he is specialized in shitty acting as a Sheriff! Enough said!

Henry's Comments

 "Coolest monster movie ever made!!!"