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Pumpkin Head 2 Blood Wings - Ok I'm pretty pissed off! The original Pumpkin Head is like my all time favorite movie!!! So you can imagine I was pretty excited about watching part 2 and seeing what ole Pumpkin Head was going to do in this movie. The story in part 2 is awful and it has NOTHING to do with the first movie. I was looking forward to seeing the movie sort of continue and not take on a whole new story. It starts off in 1958 and shows this freak kid, Tommy, getting killed by these mucho morons called the Red Wings(sort of a gang I guess). Anyway this really old lady looked after the freak and she sees it all happen. They end up beating him almost to death and then hanging him in an old coal shaft. Ok so now in the present...these teens who think they are cool or something end up hurting the old lady from the first of the movie and she ends up getting burned badly in her house. The teens steal a magic spell to awaken Pumpkin Head from her house and use it. Pumpkin Head comes to life...the dumb thing is that the freak kid, Tommy, is actually Pumpkin Head and he goes and kills the Red Wings(who all live in the same town still). After that he then goes after the teens because they hurt the old lady. I was very let down after watching this movie. They ruined the whole Pumkpin Head character and it looks like they took the cast of this movie right out of a Oxy commercial or the Saved By the Bell show.