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Puppet Master: The Legacy(2003)

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Now the legacy can be told

Pfft, whatever.  First off there is no legacy. Way back in 1989, we were treated to the very first Puppet Master movie and was out out by Paramount I believe.  It was an ok movie, nothing great but was watchable.  In 1991, two more sequels were released,  Both were better than part 1 and breathed some new life into the series.  Then parts four and five came out and well, that was it.  The series was shoved so far into the shitter that it no longer had any hope.  Then from what I recall Fullmoon pictures started releasing even more sequels such as Retro Puppet Master, Curse of the Puppet Master and even a boxed set!

Well Puppet Master The Legacy(Part 8) is supposedly the final of the series and I can only pray thats true! Basically part 8 is a 70 minute(yes only 70 minutes long) piece of shit on a stick that yet again wants to tell is the tale of the great Andre Toulon and his magical puppets.  This time instead of creating a new movie to do this, we are treated to footage from the previous 7 movies and a few new scenes stuck within to make it look like the story should be told again. 

I will admit it was nice seeing footage from parts 2 and 3 as I have not seen those in years but for the rest all it did was bring back hellish memories of wasting my life away in front of the TV.  Parts 4, 5, 6, and 7 are soooo fucking horrible its beyond putting my wasted hours watching those pieces of crap into words!!!

So we have 7 previous movies and they were able to come up with a 70 minute tribute style movie for part 8.  Wow thats about 10 minutes per movie on average.  Lots of great scenes to throw in there I tell ya! You would think they would be able to come up with 90 minutes but that would mean finding worthy footage.

The funny thing about watching The Legacy is that the special effects are better in parts 1,2 and 3 then they are in the latter sequels. You would think that years later you would have better technology but then again this is Fullmoon Pictures we are talking about.  Apparently some people are amused by dolls moving their arms up and down so much so that they gave FMP an excuse to continue making these movies. If they kept this series afloat I would really love to see what they did for the Inflatable Sex Dolls bottom line!

Henry's Comments

 Where are they(cast and crew) now? Either in porn, fast food or sadly enough, planning part 9. The Return of the Puppet Master, you know it will happen!