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Rating out of 5 possible lobsters : is crap! From the makers of Puppet Masters, Blood Dolls and now comes Ragdoll.  What do they all have in common? They are all stupid movies that really suck! Ragdoll was worse then both Retro Puppet Master and Blood Dolls combined! It stars a bunch of rap wannabees and the worst looking puppet I have ever seen!

 The acting was way over done! These guys were swearing like Snoop Doggy Dog after he stepped on a rusty nail and then some! I have never heard the phrase "Sit your black ass down" so much in my life! 

Yo yo yo... heres da plot... This black's guy nanny does spells and stuff yo and she is like chillin  having a malt liquor when yo he says yo look nanny these crazy black ass guys want to sign my rap band to a  contract and then yo control my life...know what i'm sayin... awww yeah says nanny, damn black ass bitches ain't gettin none of this booty! like nanny gets assautled by da bad brothers and the other guy yo he say damn...fuck this shiat! No one touches my  nanny and gets a way with it yo! So like he put spell on Ragdoll and that crazy little stuffed bitch go crazy on their black asses! Damn! Little ragdoll trippin bitch goes crazy in the end and yo they gotta stop the thang before it trips out  and goes all wild...know what i'm sayin! Yo so like they kill da little rag ho in da end and all is well! Awww yeah!

Henry's Comments

 "Avoid at all costs!  Im serious!"