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Red Planet

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Ok so maybe it's not truly a horror movie, but what the hell I shall review it anyway! Carrie-Anne Moss, what a babe! Canadian babe at that!

Movie takes place 50 years in the future. NASA has been sending algea  to Mars to produce oxygen in hopes that some day people can live on Mars rather then Earth which  is becoming unliveable. A group of astronauts take a mission to Mars to find out why oxygen levels on the red  planet are dropping off. Of course once the crew gets to Mars they have problems with their spaceship and  getting to the surface is a huge hassle but somehow they make it. Carrie-Anne's character actually gets stuck outside Mars on the main spaceship while the rest of the crew take a shuttle to Mars  to begin their investatagion. Basically this is one of those movies where everything goes wrong yet  someone always manages to pull through. The crew ends up finding that there is oxygen on Mars but the algea  they have been sending is actually being eaten by some sort of Mars insect that produces oxygen itself. So what  is left? Well they are stuck on the surface of Mars with no way back to the main spaceship...oh and also they are being chased by a crazed NASA robot named AMEE! What a bitch! Sounds cheesy, and yeah it is, but I found the movie very enjoyable to watch. Actually had a pretty decent story. Had some good action, a bit of gore, a few deaths...  All it was missing was Carrie-Anne Moss taking it off  for the camera! She was topless but of course they didn't show us anything! Hence the 3 lobster rating!

Henry's Comments

 "Five guys and one hot girl on a spaceship for 6 months and no hardcore sex scenes? What's up with that?!?!"

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