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Return to Cabin by the Lake(2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


"Stanley's back. Some director's live for their work. He kills for it!"

Judd Nelson is back as Stanley for round 2! I must admit I really enjoyed the first  installment Cabin by the Lake. Surprisingly a fun movie!  Stanley almost reminds me of Angela from Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3.  The Cabin by the Lake movies aren't quite as violent or off beat but do offer a good story, good laughs  and lots of crude drownings! What else do ya need? Judd Nelson rocks!

Stanleys script from the first film is seeing the light of day. A director claiming that he knew Stanley is taking Cabin by the Lake to the big screen. Everything is going great until the real Stanley gets word of the movie and decides to visit the set to make sure the  film is shot the way he wrote it in the original movie. Once again we get lots of kidnappings, drownings, a couple of electrocutions and even someone getting buried alive. Go Stanley go!

The movie is of course very silly but I don't think any fans of the series will mind.  That's the way we love our Stanley. Mindless and to the point! Stanley is one of the few villains I find myself always cheering for. You want him to get away with what he has done just so they can make another sequel that doesn't involve him getting brought back to life some way that makes absolutely no sense(IE: Friday the 13th movies).

If you haven't seen the first Cabin movie I wouldn't recommend the second. You really need to  see part 1 to truly appreciate Return to Cabin by the Lake. Get both on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy!

Henry's Comments

 "What can I say? I love this guy!"