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The Ring (Japanese Horror ) on VCD
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A female journalist researches a strange story after several teenagers unexplainably die after watching a 'weird' video tape.

As the story goes, anyone who watches the mystery video tape receives a phone call and are gievn 7 days to live. After the journalist watches the tape for herself and then realizes she only has 7 days to live, it's a race againts time for her to find out where the tape came from and who's behind the killings.

This is one movie review where I'm not going to say very much about the plot. You all need to see this flick!  Do what you must to find it! Of course it's from Japan and was never released in North America but  I came across my copy pretty easy so forget all that you've heard and click on the movie poster above to buy it on VCD(They  play in most DVD players, also known as Video CDs)!

What makes Ring great is the mood and it's originality. I've never felt so weird watching a movie in my life.  Just when you think you have it all figured out you realize you don't. Gotta love when a movie does that to ya! And although the movie is in English subtitles it doesn't take away from the viewing experience at all. Five minutes in  I forgot I was even reading subtitles.

No nudity, no gore! Just a great scary story packed with lots of moments that make you feel uneasy.

BLAH! I just read on that they are making a North American version of Ring for 2002 release.  They can't leave anything alone these days can they? I'm sure whoever is making it will fuck it up and allow members from N'Synch to star in it.

There was a sequel to Ring made, also Japanese. Trying to hunt it down now :)

Henry's Comments

 "All is not 'well' on your TV if you watch Ring... little hint there!"