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Scary Movie 2(2001)

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The Wayan's brother are back! Pretty much one year after Scary Movie was released we are treated to the sequel! Wow that was fast! But is that a good or a bad thing?

One word sums up Scary Movie 2. That being Fragmented! This is not a movie! It's just a bunch of spoof scenes from a wack of movies. Most of which not even taken from horror movies! Makes me wonder if Scary Movie 2 was rushed? It is a  mess with no direction. The first Scary Movie worked so well using the spoof ideas  from Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. It was truly a horror spoof movie with some solid laughs. Scary Movie 2 doesn't follow any sort of formula. It's just a bunch of random spoofs that would have fit better into a epsiode of Saturday Night Live with the Wayan's brothers as the hosts. Maybe the Wayan's brother's  should have taken more time to write up a good script instead of quickly releasing Scary Movie 2  just to make a quick buck. The movie has the 'released to early' feel to it from start to finish!

Was it all bad? Well no... The first 15 minutes of the film are actually pretty good.  James Wood and the Exorcist spoof was executed nicely. Also loved the quick Amityville 3  spoof with the flies from Woods in the early going. Not sure if much of the auidence caught on to it though.  From there the movie tumbles down hill quickly. There's the odd good laugh but to me  it just felt tired and corny. The haunted house idea wasn't working at all. Wayan's should have  built from Scream and IKWYDLS once again and made it a real sequel!

Anna Faris is hot by the way! If you must go see Scary Movie 2 I think you will agree with me on that! I really have to go now and forget about this so I can get that annoying voice of Shorty out of my head!  Way too many corny drug jokes!

Henry's Comments

 "I'll be wiping my ass with the movie poster tomorrow after my daily morning shit!"

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