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Scream 3

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Scream 3 is a big disappointment. Who else is sick of Gale Weathers and Dewey? Well I am!  Even if Scream 3 didn't have those 2 in it it would still have a flunk rating. The  ending alone ruined this film! Even if it kicked ass up until the last 10 minutes(which it didn't)  it would still be considered a HMTS!!!!! When the ending happened it took me a few minutes to even reconize who the guy was for fuck's sake!!! Yeah and for those of you that haven't seen it  the killer is the director of Stab 3 who turns out to be Sydney Prescott's brother... Are you cursing me for giving away the ending? Good! You shouldn't have come here if you are looking for nice legit reviews in the first place! Yeah baby yeah! Yeah so to wrap up Scream 3 isn't bloody enough  and the ending sucks! It amazes me how people will laugh their ass off at a black guy screaming 'Holy fuck' while running away from a masked killer?!?!? I could have swore people were watching an old Eddie Murphy stand up act!  Am I the only person who thinks laughing at a black guy with a heavy hood accent while he runs  away from a masker killer morbid? It's only cool when LL Cool J does it! Oh yeah the only cool  part of the movie was the cameo of those 2 burn out guys from Dogma and Clerks! Rock on dudes! Over and out!!!

Henry's Comments

 "If Gale Weathers and that fucker Dewey died I may have liked it a tab bit more."

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