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Session 9(2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"Fear Is A Place"

Not the tightest movie I have ever seen, has a few plot holes and doesn't explain a couple of things very well, but  damn this is the first movie I've seen in awhile that creeped me out on a Sunday afternoon! I'm kicking  myself for not checking this out earlier. Always seen it at the video stores, heard lots of good stuff about it but never bothered to rent it until now. Many months after it's release.

An asbestos cleaning crew, lead by the main character Gordon,  land a job to clean up an old mental hospital which has been shut down since 1985. We are treated to lots of spooky noises, dark hallways, basements, power outages and all the great stuff that goes along with any sort of horror movie in a mental hospital. Yes it has been done before but Session 9 does it in a  way that makes it original and keeps the thrills fresh but following a strange formula of having the main character's plot and another plot surrounding a mental patient who is now deceased, running at the same time and making us  wonder for 100 minutes if the two stories are related.

Things don't really come together until the end and I must say I wasn't able to guess much of anything before  it happened. I really enjoyed that about Session 9. Also loved the pace, wasn't the most exciting movie but I really liked the characters and found myself interested in them and what they were doing. Not a dull moment!  I felt a tiny but let down by the ending but only because the movie could have explained a few things better. They could have went into things alot deeper with Gordon's life.  For those of you who were freaked out by The Blair Witch Project or even the Sixth Sense or the Others I think there's  plenty for you to enjoy within Session 9.

One more thing! Loved the title! Makes perfect sense about 30-45 into this baby!

Henry's Comments

 "This gets barely any attention while Jason X hits thousands of theatres this weekend?!?! Fucking B.S.!"