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Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th(2000)

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 Whoa! Tom Arnold and Coolio in the same movie! Couldn't miss this one! Of course  it's not truly a horror movie but it's based on several and it does  suck really bad so I think it deserves to be here. Once I seen that cast I knew I had to see this flick! It was pretty corny and didn't use alot of gross out toilet humor like Scary Movie  but it did have some good silly laughs. It could have used some nudity but all we get is one  censored titty shot?!?! What is up with that? A movie like this really needs  some T&A! It is by no means a good movie but then again neither was Scary Movie. I think  Shriek... had more class then Scary Movie and it used alot more gags that would please a wider audience. I know myself that I am sick of African American cliches being used over and over in movies  such as Scary Movie. I'm sure Scary Movie 2 will be full of them as well! But anyway if you want  some silly laughs check out SIYKWIDLF13th! Don't take it serious! Just remember Tom Arnold stars  in it!

 Some spoofs that were used:

  • Pop Up Video
  • Grease
  • Friday the 13th/Scream
  • Child's Play

Henry's  Comments

  "Tom Arnold, Coolio... my only question... where's Pauly Shore???"

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