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M. Night Shyamalan is the man! Third great movie in a row! Sixth Sense(I wonder if he had input into the porno version The 69th Sense?), Unbreakable and now Signs!

This was not what I expected at all! From the previews I figured it would just be some dumb movie  about signs being made in fields and we would just get some offbeat reason for it in the end that would  have something to do with Mel Gibson's character losing his faith. Boy was I wrong! I didn't expect this to be a movie that reminded me of War of the Worlds only with the main story centering on a family with a whole lot of  faith and religious turmoil.

Kind of hard to talk about the movie without giving anything away but let's just say it's spooky, great characters,  very cool side story(signs and all that other far out stuff) and comes together in the end very perfectly like all of M. Night Shyamalan's other mater pieces! That damn dirty water!

Just go check it out and tell'em that HMTS sent ya!

Henry's Comments

 "Needed some more bitches and hizoes but I'll let it go. Great movie!"