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Silent Night Deadly Night 2 - Revised Review(March 2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


 This movie is the number one reason why this website exists! You have never seen a  bad horror movie until you have seen Silent Night Deadly Night 2. I kid you not!  I've been in a bit of slump lately when it comes to renting horror movies so I decided to get  my viewing back on track by renting a classic piece of shit like SNDN2.

 Eric Freeman where are you? If you are out there please email me, we have to do lunch sometime. You have to be the worst actor to ever be captured on film. I thought I knew what shit was but I was wrong. It wasn't until SNDN2 that I trurly discovered what shit was. Shit is Eric Freeman. Shit is Ricky Caldwell!

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Eric Freeman in Silent Night Deadly Night 2 as Ricky Caldwell. Bow down  and kiss the feet of a legend! Or lick the urine under the floor around the base of your toilet. Either will do.

 It's Christmas Eve(how sweet) and Ricky Caldwell is being interviewed by a shrink in jail about the events that have lead up to his life behind bars. From Ricky's opening words I knew I was in for a treat...

 Shrink "Or if you want you can call me Doc".
Ricky "Fuck off Doc!".

 SNDN2 is basically the first SNDN. It's mostly Ricky telling a story about how his  brother went crazy after seeing his parents killed by a man dressed as Santa and then being sent  to live in an orphanage with a bitchy nun named Mother Superior. From there the story then focuses on  how Ricky went crazy and how he wants to Kill Mother Superior to avenge his brother.

 What makes this movie so great to watch and laugh at is the acting and plot.  You really have to ask yourself how a movie this shitty could ever be made.  How could a bunch of grown people sit down and actually create something this stupid? Wouldn't they look at each other and say "You know what? This is fucking awful! What are  we doing?!?!!?".

 If you love bad horror movies this is a must see. For the dialogue between  Ricky and the Shrink, Ricky and his girlfriend at the movies, Ricky going on a rampage in a neighbourhood with a gun, Ricky attacking Mother Superior... All  these scenes will bring tears to your eyes. Not because they are sad or emotional but because they are so awful you have to laugh.

 Highlight of the movie has to be  when Ricky shoots a guy taking out his garbage and screams "GARBAGE DAY!". You have to see it to believe it!

Henry's  Comments

  "How can a compassionate God let things like Silent Night Deadly Night 2 happen?"