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SilentNight DeadlyNight 3 - Holy f*ck and I thought the 2nd one was bad! I hear that the original Part 1 of the series is actually out of print and was banned shortly after it's release. Well will someone please ban part 2 and 3 as well? The first one was banned because of the nature of the movie...santa killing people...blah blah.... I say we ban 2 and 3 just because they suck shit! This 3rd one is beyond awful! Ricky, the retard killer from the 2nd one is in a coma after he had the shot shot out of him in the end of part 2...anyway there's a girl hooked up to him and she can see his thoughts(unlike most normal guys Ricky isn't thinking about girls and sex...he has to be thinking about scenes from the previous 2 movies and puts me through the agony of seeing them again)...anyway the girl leaves for Xmas break and Ricky comes out of his coma. The really dumb thing is that fact that Ricky has a glass bubble on his head where they put his brain back together after he was shot to death in part 2. He looks like the mascott for a lightbulb company! Plus he never says anything in this movie...he just hunts down that girl he was hooked up to and that's it. Ricky's cheesy lines ruled in part 2 and it was the only reason I could watch part 2! Part 3 was a major let down...a silent Ricky isn't a good Ricky!