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SilentNight DeadlyNight 4 - Ok remember how I said they should have banned part 2 and part 3? Well let's also include part 4 with our ban request. This movie had like nothing to do with Xmas or any of the first 3 movies... But Ricky was in it?!?! BUT he was being played by Clint Howard(All 2 of his fans know him as the Ice Cream Man :) )... Ok so he has no bubble on his head this time but really he has nothing to do with the original Ricky character. He's like a member of this female male bashing cult. The movie starts off with this girl jumping off a roof and is on fire. This female reporter starts doing some research of her apparent suicideand ends up in the midst of the female male hating cult! For some reason they do all this crap to her to initiate her and there's like alot of bugs and stuff... They get Ricky to capture her and kill her boy friend... they get her and screw her up... make her kidnap her boy friend's little brother or son or something... they try and sacrafice him... she kills Ricky and the cult members after refusing to sacrafice the boy... movie ends... What any of this had to do with Xmas or the other movies is beyond me. If anyone ever sees this movie look closely at the black female in the cult...I swear it is Micheal Jackson!