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The Skulls(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Somebody shoot me. There are bad movies and then there are really bad movies. Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 for example is a bad movie. It's bad but at the same time is very entertaining and it doesn't matter that it sucks. All that matters is that it is fun to watch and laugh  at. The Skulls on the other hand is a really bad movie. You realize the movie is dumb but it is so dumb and over the top that you can't even force yourself to laugh. You just wonder how someone could be dumb enough to write such a shitty movie and actually gain financing so the movie could be made. People, you should take a movie like this personal. Hollywood knows that there are people out there stupid enough to go watch movies like this. That is why they are made! What's even worse  though are the people that see movies like the Skulls and actually think they are good.  These sort of people usually sit at home watching TNN Monster Car Mashes and don't get  out very often.

The Skulls is suppose to be a secret group of the elite but everyone in the movie  seems to know what they are or they are working for them. Just a really bad movie idea.  A guy named Luke joins the Skulls and his best friend ends up killed when he gets into the  'secret' Skulls meeting room by another member of the Skulls. The rest of the movie is just  Luke trying to screw over the Skulls and prove to everyone that the Skulls did kill his friend and it wasn't a suicide that the Skulls made it look to be.

What is up with the guy from Coach being in this movie? Right off the bat that should  tell everyone to stay away from it. Nice acting attempt! It didn't really matter if this movie had an all star cast or not. The story is the underlying problem here. Oh and what is up with the sound score? Creed's 'Can You Take Me Higher' at a Skulls' social event.  This isn't a high school dance! Also you couldn't go 5 seconds without seeing the Skulls logo somewhere in this movie. I thought this was a secret society? It's like saying Pepsi is a secret! And their rule book... Rule 119B is a real bitch eh? Yeah whatever!  Frig they have more rules then the Periodic Table of Elements!

Bottom line is anyone who enjoyed this movie should be ashamed of themselves. There is no  possible way anyway could have an excuse for liking this flick! If you think you do then try me!  Excuse me, I must now go and beat the shit out of something to calm down from watching the Skulls.

Henry's  Comments

  "Was missing some T&A and some IQ from everyone involved!"

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