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Slaughter High(1986)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Woohoo! This is a fun one to watch! Pretty stupid but that's ok! It's a good guilty watching pleasure!

It's about a nerd named Marty and his revenge plot against the jocks and tarts that did him wrong in high school. Marty was brutally disfigured by the jocks in the chemistry lab after a prank mounted by the jocks went horribly wrong. A few years later Marty sends up fake invitations to his foes for a made up High School  Reunion. Not sure why anyone would  believe there is a reunion in a run down closed school but oh well. It's a horror movie nothing has to make sense. Once all Marty's guests arrive he starts knocking them off one by one!

Not a great movie by any means but pretty fun to watch. It's pure cheese! Lots of  really crazy deaths and some decent nudity! The acting and plot are so awful  you have to love it!

Why is someone taking a bath at a high school reunion in a run down old school?  Just to set themseleves up to be murdered I guess!

Henry's Comments

 "Gotta love 80's horror movies! No plot, no acting but lots-o-titties!"