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Slaughterhouse on VHS baby!  Im bringing the 80s back in a big way!

'Buddy has an axe to grind. A big axe!'.

This has to be one of the greatest horror movies released in the mid 80s.  I remember renting the movie back in 1988 or 1989 and seeing for the first time what a gorey movie was.

A local slaughterhouse is being forced to close down but it's owner has other plans. There's not a whole lot to the story but it does the trick. Basically it's just the slaughterhouse's owner and his  mentally challenged son, Buddy who loves his pigs, killing anyone who tries to force them to close the slaughterhouse down. Opps, of course there are the horny teens every now and then who wander into the Slaughterhouse and have to be  exterminated as well.

Gore, gore, gore! There's lots of it. Great effects and camera work! Lots of slaughterhouse machinery type deaths! Buddy is one scary dude with one big axe as well! Wouldn't want to run into him late at night! Especially in a Slaughterhouse of all places.

Apparently there was a sequel made in 1988 but I have never seen or heard of it. Did a bit of research and it doesn't sound like it had anything to do with the first movie. It probably blew!

Bottom line! If you see this flick around make sure you rent it! Not for the faint of heart gore wise. Not the scariest movie in the world but certainly one of the grossest at times.  Also, has a kick ass ending.  Worth checking out for sure!

Henry's Comments

 "Buddy will rip you a new A-hole and then turn your ass into sausage!"