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Sleepaway Camp 3 - Teenage Wasteland

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Angela(Pamela Springsteen - Sister of Bruce Springsteen) is back!!! Make sure you go out a watch Sleepaway Camp 2 before  checking the third installment out! After watching this movie again it reminds me why I made this web site in the first place! I couldn't find hardly any information about this movie on the web at all which I find weird! Back in the late 80s the Sleepaway Camp series was da bomb among all of my friends! Gore, dozen of deaths, tons of sex, funny, tons of tits and ass, tons of sex...whoops I already mentioned that... Anyway...

The Camp from Sleepaway Camp 2 is re-opening under a new name(Camp Rolling Hills) and hosting a project where rich and poor kids and grouped together and are expected to learn how to co-exist together through 'caring and sharing'. The Camp has been closed for a year now after 19 campers were slaughtered by Angela Baker who is still at large! So you can probably guess that she will end up spoiling the re-opening of the new camp by showing up and murdering all the campers again! That is exactly what she does! Inorder for Angela to go to Camp Rolling Hills she must disguise herself as one of the canpers who is expected to show up. She tracks down a young girl named Maria and runs her over with a tractor trailer right in the middle of New York City. She steals her identification and gets on the Camp Rolling Hills van as Maria! The killings in Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3 are insane! Like no one would notice a girl getting chased and run over by an 18 Wheeler in NY! Anyway... So Angela/Maria is now at camp and ready to waste everyone!!! I never really understood why she came back to camp and decided to kill everyone again but I guess that isn't important! What is important is that this movie kicks ass! It's everything a shitty horror movie should be! There's not much more to say about the movie as far as the story goes! Well I guess there is one small thing... One of the camp leaders is the father of one of the guys killed in part 2 but why he is now a camp leader is beyond me! Maybe he expected Angela to show up again once the camp re-opened so he could get revenge on her but the movie never mentioned that as a possible motive for his career move. Oh well who cares! So basically Angela's kills almost everyone in the movie with some VERY creative killings! That is what I really dig about Sleepaway Camp movies! The killings are extremely entertaining! In the final moments of the movie she let's two people live(one guy and one girl) but as she tries to leave the camp the girl attacks her with an axe. Angela ends up in the back of an ambulance but on the way to the hospital she comes to and kills the paramedic and police officer with a needle! Does this mean Angela will be back!??!? Well it's been like 12 years since this movie came out and still no part 4!!! I wish they would make another but they would probably fuck it up like all sequels these days! They'd change the story around or something! Maybe best to leave it as is! I'm going to go out on the record and say that the Sleepaway Camp series is the BEST shitty horror series ever made!!! Make sure you check all 3 parts out!!!

Henry's Comments

 "Hot damn! Check out the tits on the rich camper bitch!"