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Slumber Party Massacre 3 - Well here we have a winner. I think they just took the original Slumber Party Massacre and then  stuck a 3 at the end! Like I haven't seen a cheesy movie like this before.  There may have been a few more bimbos in this one but it's  pretty much the same as the others otherwise. The killer in part 3  is a boy friend of one of the girls. She invites him over and all hell breaks loose. We have some classic killings in this one.  One scene he throws a vibrator in the tub and fries his girl friend...oh  and let's not overlook that classic scene where he kills some 'black guy' at the front door  with a For Sale Sign. I had quite a laugh where he drags his body away  with the For Sale Sign in him. I guess he was a 'Mobile Homes'. No I'm not racist...just  couldn't pass up that bad joke. The killer is killed at the end by the girl hosting the slumber party and 2 of her friends. They first throw javex in his face and stab him to death. Tons of pointless nudity  and horrible acting make this a page classic.