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Some Guy Who Kills People(2011)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


 This movie is about some guy who kills people...

Ken, just recently released from the mental hospital, works at an ice cream parlour and is struggling to learn to be a Dad after recently meeting his biological daughter for the first time.  Oh and yeah, he has constant bad dreams of being picked on, enjoys drawing himself murdering people in gruesome ways and tends to disappear at night before dead bodies are found... dead bodies with a past connection to Ken.  Turns out that Ken was once a High School Basketball Mascott and the players on the team decided to teach him a lesson after he created a comic book about his mascott chacater that the players took exception to.  And you guessed it... the bodies that are showing up are of the former basketball players that are still living in Kens hometown.

This movie reminded me alot of Dexter. Ken is an anti-hero, you root for him


Simply put, Some Guy Who Kills People is quite entertaining. Dont take it too serious, dont go in expecting much and I think you will enjoy. The movie sort of reminds me of Dexter meets

Henry's Comments

 "I have nothing to say. This movie drained my will to live!"