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Sorority House Massacre - Holly shit this was damn awful! It's about this chick, Beth, who moves into a sorority house and she starts having these nightmares of this guy killing her. Anyway it turns out that this guy she was dreaming of, Robert Henkel, is actually her older brother and he killed the whole family but his sister Beth way back when. Robert is being held at a mental hospital near her sorority house and he escapes and goes to try and kill her. First of all the fact that he breaks out and knows exactly where to go is really damn stupid! This is the kind of guy you need working at a garage in the middle of nowhere for when you get lost and need directions! If you want some really bad acting you have to check this out. It sounded like they were reading their lines right off a piece of paper. Ok anyway back to the story...Robert finds the sorority house and Beth and ends up killing her 3 female roomies who spend more time with their tops off in this movie then with them on, also he kills the 4 guy boyfriends of the girls. One other really stupid thing was the fact that Beth couldn't remember her childhood or her family being murdered by Robert but it all comes back to her when ole Robert shows up and is killing everyone. This is honestly one of the dumbest movies out there! It's like someone thought up the whole plot of the movie while taking a quick dump. And the actors...God I think I see them every so often on the street holding "Will act for food" signs.