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Species 2 - Well let me start off by saying that sequels are never better then the originals. Ok so Species part 1 sucked some serious ass so you would guess that Species 2 would really suck  some serious ass! Well you are right. The girl that starred in the first was on is back but she only takes her shirt off once...sorry guys...she had her shirt off every 2 minutes in the first movie. The nudity and sexuallity is quite toned down compared to the first film. Still though it does have it shares of pointless nudity. Enough to keep Star Trek fans living with their parents happy! Ok so in the movie 3 astronauts get back from Mars and they bring back the alien virus. The girl from the first movie was re-cloned or something and they do experiments on her. 2 of the 3 astronauts turn into aliens...1 didn't turn into one...and one more was killed shortly after she got back. The other  one is a guy and he screws everything on 2 legs. Of course after he sleeps with girls they give birth in minutes to alien babies who take 2 weeks to mature. So these federal guys  are looking for the alien astronaut and the use the re-cloned female alien to help them. She breaks loose near the end of the movie and goes to the guy alien. They get naked and have alien was pretty odd looking. Ok so this just happens to be at the 2 week period and the  little baby aliens are about ready to mature. The Feds find them and kick some ass. The movie ends  but one of the baby aliens survive and leaves it wide open for yet another sequel. Well let's just hope not :)