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The St. Francisville Experiment(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Four people equipped with camcorders and ghost hunting gadgets enter into a supposed 'real haunted house' to try to get some film evidence of ghostly happenings!

Right off the bat most people will write this movie off as a Blair Witch rip off! The only real  things that the two movies have in common is that everyone in the movie is carrying a camera and yes they  are studying(doing a project/experiment) on ghostly legends. Besides that though they have  nothing in common! For expample the Blair Witch was a really good believeable original scary movie while the St Francisville Experiment is very unscary unoriginal unbelievable peice of shit! We've all seen the  haunted house thing a million times before! It had alot of potential to be a really good movie  for the first 10 minutes! It opened with introducing the characters, telling the story of why the house is believed to be haunted... After this point when they all arrive at the house ready to begin their experiment the movies does a major 180!

Nothing that happened within the house was scary! Like fuck off movie makers! A light falls from the ceiling, a fucking cat jumps out of a closet, a chair flies across the room... all it was missing was a guy in a  hockey mask chasing them around! Seen it all before!

The acting was laughable. The two guys didn't seem to do a bad job but the two females on the other hand may find themselves out of work for a very long time as actresses unless they want to do some hardcore pornography! They were pretty hot looking but neither of them could act their way onto an episode of 'Family Matters' let alone a real movie someday! Do some porno for us girls! Maybe they could do a ghost porno movie called the 69th Sense... "I see  horny people"!

If you think the movie itself was bad! Wait until you see the very end where it describes what happened to the 4 people after the leave the house(whoops... yeah gave I it away... they all survive... too bad)!!! Pathetic!!!

Henry's Comments

 "Do your own experiment! See how long this movie lasts in your VCR!"