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Stake Land(2011)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


“ The Most Dangerous Thing Is To Be Alive.”

Hell yeah, this is Zombie Land(but alot darker and more serious) meets a vampire movie done the right way! The world has gone to hell, zombie’ish vampires are taking over and the remaining humans are trying to survive the best they can by taking refuge in locked down villages or putting their faith in religion or just travelling around and kicking some vampire ass! Like most uncivialized settings(end of the world movies or where there is little order), it’s usually the other humans you have to worry about. In this case the radical religious ones who do some pretty nasty shit while they spew their nonsense about being saved by their God.

Martin, a teen who barely escapes an attack on his family, is rescued by a character only known as Mister. He takes Martin along with him, teaches him how to defend himself and the two become a vampire killing super tag team.  Their mission is to get themseleves to a place called “New Eden” where it’s cooler and apparently pretty much vampire free.  To get there though they have to cross across a few settlements, some religious nut jobs and tons of vampires! We are treated to tons of great kills.  Some of the best gore I have seen in awhile that doesn’t look like it was all done on someone’s computer.  Some of the make up and gore reminded me of the original Evil Dead movie... so there you go, that’s reason enough to watch it.

Anyway, great flick. I enjoyed all the characters, loved the gore and everything felt very smooth, as in it felt believeable. Oh and if you are from Canada, you will smile at the end.  Nice touch.

Henry's Comments

 "Woman and children not safe in this one. Good date movie."