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Star Wars Episode 1 - Welcome to the HMTS special review of Star Wars Episode 1.  First of all let me start by saying I do not own a pair if Luke Skywalker decorated underwear  but yes I was in line opening night to see the film...I got lucky with tickets ok! I have never seen  so many geeks in one place in my whole entire life. Some of these guys probably haven't left their parents houses since Return of The Jedi was released. It's only a movie people! The thing I will remember the most about this movie is the line up and waiting to get in. They had a few lines set up and they were separated by lines of rope. People starting taking the ropes down and moving into the  line that was to get in first to the movie! Which just happened to be my line! Christ people the theater wasn't going anywhere! I felt a like a Kosovar trying to cross  into Albania! Oh and don't get me started on people dressed up as characters! I would have paid my 7.50 just to see someone take one of the people wearing Darth Vadar helmets and twist it around  until their nose broke. Ok so now I'm seated in the theater and I get away  from the masses of geeks! The movie starts like all the others with the words coming up the screen and fading as they go. Really though that was the only simularity I noticed between all the films  in the style. This movie was VERY computer animated and I was pretty disappointed by that! Screw  the animated robots! Get some Storm Troopers in there! All the characters seemed pretty boring and dull except for the bad guy Darth Maul, but he had like 3 lines and was killed by Obi what's his name.  Remember I don't own Luke Skywalker undies so I don't have the spelling and names of these people  memorized. There was one character in this movie I wanted to see beaten with a tire rod! That  stupid thing with the big ears and he followed the jedi dudes around! Please leave him out of episode 2!  Ok so anyway the movie was very colorful and easy on the eyes. Even if the story and characters were weak the special effects kept me entertained. I wanted it to be more like the other 3 films so in a way I am disappointed. Anyway CHOW!