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Strangeland - Two words will sum up this review! Dee Snider! Yes Dee Snider made a movie  people and it ain't pretty! Total grabage! What is up with rockers making movies...Letter from Death Row, also reviewed  on this site, by Brett Michaels looks good compared to Strangeland. Dee Snider is even in the movie. He plays this moron called Captain Howdy who picks up teens on the internet and then torchers them with body piercings and other stuff like that. Only 1 person in the whole movie died. A girl had a heart attack because Dee Snider torchered her so bad...honestly I think she died when she heard that Twisted Sister reunited for the soundtrack and played the songs in the film. So back to the 'story'...  Dee Snider gets this chicky from the internet to come over who just happens to be the  daughter of a detective(haven't seen that before) and he kidnaps her and does all kinds of sick things to her body. He is captured and put on trial...found not guilty...reason of insanity (I'm pleading that and blaming it on this movie)... He goes back to his home a  new man wanting a new start with life. The local people don't want him around and drive him back to being Captain Howdy the sicko. ROBERT ENGLUND ALERT!!!  Yes Robert is the man who drives Dee Snider back to his old ways by trying to hang him. It fails and Captain Howdy wants revenge. Robert Englund  deserves an award for the shit movies he has appeared in! Anyway once Captain Howdy is evil again he recaptures the detectives daughter and once again the detective catches him and burns him to death.  If you choose to watch this movie listen for Captain Howdy's one liners...HORRIBLE! His lyrics  in Twisted Sister were better. The good thing about this movie is that it is only 80 some minutes long  and you get to see Dee Snider's nose ring torn out. Other than that this movie really stinks.  We're Not Going to Take It should have been the theme song.