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"Obsession. Betrayal. Revenge. Some girls have all the fun!"

Ben Cronin has it all! Perfect girlfriend, on his way to a swimming schalorship, can pick lockers open at school!  The guy is a perfect 10 in Teen Beat Magizine! That is until Madison Bell moves in on his perfect little life and  screws him in the deep end of the school swimming pool. He was teaching her to swim but itsead of teaching her how to tread water, Ben teaches her the doggy paddle! After doing the deed it appears that Madison understands that Ben has a girlfriend already and Ben thinks he has gotten away with it and that is girlfriend Amy will never know  better. Wrong! Madison ends up being one crazy ass bitch who is quite content on destroying everyone and everything  in Ben's life as revenge for him not loving her! Basically it's a love story movie about your everyday girl from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia(haha kiddin)'.

I would have to highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good laugh. It's extremely over the top and even more so predictable. The characters are awful with no character development what-so-ever. Get aload of the swim coach... stereotype or what!?!?! There's a few murders, bit of the red stuff and one kick ass final scene in the pool where Madison finally realizes that instead of fucking in the deep end she should have learned to tread water or at least have taken a pool noodle in with her.

To sum up this has to be the best-worst movie I've seen in awhile. All it was missing was Steven Segal and Tom Arnold as the Swim Coach and Police Officer!

Henry's Comments

 "I have to raise a question... as noted by T-Dawg... when do we get to see the Director's Cut where Amy has no legs?!?! For getting run over by a truck on her scooter she was looking pertty good!"