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Tales from the Hood(1995)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Woohoo! A hip hop version of Creep Show/Tales from the Crypt. Yo know what i'm sayin'  bitches? Aight! Dis shit is all wild and shit! Werd!

Four tales from the hood! All four tales come from a Mortician who is entertaining some thugs  that show up at his funeral home looking for a stash of drugs. We got the cop killer episode,  the Webster getting beaten by his mom's boy friend episode, the evil white politician episode and the brothers killing brothes episode! Awww yeah!

Not a bad flick! Here's a run down of the four tales!

Tale 1 - Three crooked cops kills a black political figure in front of a black rookie cop named Clarence. After the murder Clarence quitss the force and he and  the spirit of the politician plot revenge of the white boy cops. Very good tale.  Lotss of action, blood and some humor!

Tale 2 - A young black child named Walter shows up occasionally at school with bruises. He tells his concerned teacher that a monster harms him at home and no one will believe him. The teacher takes it upon himself to get to the bottom  of the boy's problem and help him kill the 'monster'. Kind of an odd tale with a  disturbing twist. Deals with family violence and the boy's imagination.

Tale 3 - Racist politician buys a house where many black slaves were once killed.  It's haunted by the ghost of an elderly black lady and her cursed dolls.  This tale is a rip of the doll monster from Triliogy of Terror is you ask me.  The animation is awful as well! The dolls make Gumby and Pokey look good!

Take 4 - A black Gangster is put through an experimental program to help get him past his crimes and get him out of jail for a fresh new start as a law abiding citizen. He is made to realize all the people he has killed have all been black and that he is no different than a Nazi. This tale sucked shit! Seemed more like a Tu-Pac  music video! How the man still makes albums from the grave is beyond me... He's got platnium like 7 times since dying!

Overall the movie is so so. A couple of the tales are good and a couple suck. My favorite part of the movie is the scenes in between the tales that take place at the funeral home. The Mortician was awesome!

Oh my virgin ears... How many times was 'Mother Fucker' said?

Henry's Comments

 "Yo yo yo, werd to da mutha! Ain't no thang bitches! Henry is chillin' and mutha fucka killin'!"