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The Teacher(1974)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"Her Best Lessons Were Taught After Class!"... What the hell is this shit? I found it on the Horror shelf at my local video  store but I think they mistakenly placed it in 'Horror' after one of the clerks misread its genre which actually read as 'Horrible'!

If you ever come across this flick the box will swiftly grab your attention. A picture of a young guy with his hand up the shirt of a very foxy lady. Yeah so  anyway this is appartently a horror flick... A student named Shawn and his best buddy are hanging out doing stuff when all of a sudden they catch this idiot named Ralph peeping on their school teacher who is sun bathing. Ralph kills Shawn's buddy and then for the rest of the movie Ralph stalks both Shawn and his Teacher for some reason or another.  I think he was jealous because Shawn starts to get some action from his teacher. Poor Ralph gets nothing but a jar of vasoline and a 1974 copy of Cosmo!

I have no clue what the point of this movie was suppose to be. I think it was simply just a  70s sleeve movie. The story really made no sense and the acting is an atrocity!  I think Ralph really was a mentally challenged person who was asked  if he wanted to be in a movie. Shawn is just a bad acting prep who lasted about 6 seconds during a 'sex scene' with his teacher! Funny thing is he still had all his clothes on. World's fastest man!!

So anyway the movie offers one death, a whole lotta bad stalking scenes by Ralph and a seductive teacher who likes 'em young! I highly doubt many people will find this piece of shit at their video stores but if you do you may want to avoid it unless you want to  bore yourself to death. There is some good nudity but not enough to make the movie  watchable. Low budget 70's trash!

Henry's Comments

 "If they applied the PLOT to a porno movie it would have worked!"