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The Birds

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Ok...I'm about to make fun of a classic from the 60s from the man himself Aldfred Hitchcock. I really can't see how far you can go with a movie about pissed off birds who like pecking people to death! This is about as scary as an episode of Woody Woodpecker. The story of the movie is way too deep for me...some chick is at a bird store...guy walks in...she prentends she works there...chases after the guy...birds attack their love story...blah blah blah! They could have at least made them scary birds...maybe Big Bird himself pecking the heads off small children and drinking there blood in front of his friend Snuffle. Ok maybe that version isn't out yet but I woulnd't mind seeing it :P Anyway the movie is really boring, the love story thing was too much to handle and the toy birds on people's heads was a bit hard to see without laughing. We need a 90s version with Big Bird!!!

Henry's Comments

 "Just take the fucking birds by their throats and SNAP! Is it that hard?"