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Ticks - Alrighty another bug related movie. I have seen ants and spiders and we have  ticks. Hhhmmmm when you think about it if you put an ant and a spider together you would probally make a tick. Therefore this movie should suck twice as any ant or spider movie.  This flick even has the same stupid scenerio...starts off with a few ticks and of course by the end of the movie they are everywhere. Oh did I mention they are GIANT SIZED ticks...not  just your everyday wood ticks...they are giant ticks(sarcastic voice). I really think this idea has been used before, nothing new here. The coolest thing about this movie is that it starred "Carlton" from the "Fresh Prince" show!!! I was hoping he would do the 'Carlton Dance' but he let  me down. Anyway the ticks in the movie got big from some sort of steroid that drug growers were using to make their 'grass' even larger and of course it worked on the ticks to make them bigger. The ending was very cheesy, we have a tick the size of a human that comes out of 'Carlton's'  corpse and just by luck there is a forest fire and it burns him and all his littler tick buddies and thank goodness the movies ends...well it ends with a van sitting in the city and it has  more ticks growing on expect "TICKS 2 - Ticks Do the Big Apple".