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Too Sleep With a Vampire - Wow is this a horror movie or did I accidentally walked into the Penthouse section. Here's the stroy...some vampire guy goes to strip clubs at night time at watchers strippers. When the movie starts it goes through 2 FULL strip 30 minutes later he picks up this stripper chick and takes her back to his place. He asks her what it is like to see the sun and all this other nonsense... Anyway he like beats her, slaps her around, bites her and etc... She still stays at his place and talks to him... duh! She takes him for a drive to the strip club when it's him a private show and they do the Monster Mash X Rated style on the strip ramp. After that they go back to his place again... he starts to get violent again... she runs away into a room... he breaks in the room... she pulls the curtains off the window as he gets in... the sunshines through and melts him... Like I've never seen that before :) Pointless nudity doesn't get much more pointless then this! Put the movie in, put on some Tom Jones, dim the lights and away you go!