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Toxic Avenger(1985)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


The first Super-Hero... from New Jersey!

This is why I created Horror Movies That Suck back in 1996!  When HMTS first started, we stayed away from the actual good movies and only concentrated on the bottom of the batch B Movies. Saying that, the 5 lobster rating is a pure old school HMTS seal of approval for the Toxic Avenger!

My hats off to the makers of this movie. How do you come up with something so stupid and off the wall that you can actually get people to be in the movie and do their job. Maybe if you had a handful of strange people with a sick sense of humor but man there are hundreds in this.  Thatís talent.  I think as much work goes into a really good bad movie as a really good good movie.  Itís really beyond words how a movie like this comes together.  The Toxic Avenger is pure B Movie Magic.

A nerd named Melvin working at the Troma Health Spa gets himself into some trouble with some local Gym Jocks and their sadistic girlfriends.  One of the girlfriends lures poor Melvin into the girlís locker room and tells him that she wants to Ďdo ití with him.  She takes him out to the pool, with the lights out and when they come on Melvin is making out with a goat and surrounded by about a hundred Gym Goíers.  Melvin, totally embarrassed, runs away and ends up jumping out a 2nd/3rd storey window and lands into a barrell of toxic Waste(haha The guys transporting the waste, decided it would be a good idea to take a drug break in front of the gym). From there Melvin becomes the Toxic Avenger and then begins his anti-crime campaign which involves alot of laughs, gore and some damn fine 80s titty shots. 

The laughs, they are great.  Toxie is an accepted member of society and we get some great scenes with him interacting with the locals from Tromaville.  From helping the eldery to popping into someoneís window and helping them open a jar.

The gore, fantastic! Not only is it gross but also pushes the envelope. We have a killed dog, an attempted rape on a blind woman(after her dog was shot in front of her), kid getting hit by a car on his bike, head getting run over by a car, deep fried limbs, ass burnt in sauna and my favorite being the head explosion via the mechanical weight machine in the gym.

The titty shots, hey this is the 80s!  There is just something about an 80s horror or comedy movie that had horny girls constantly showing their tits. Iím not complaining!

I must admit, I have seen a couple other Troma Movies in the past and was not impressed. Motherís Day and I also saw another called Killer Condom which I didnít even want to waste my time on reviewing. Man it sucked! Anyway, I see some more Troma Rentals in my future now.  Stay Tooned!!!

Henry's Comments

 "Any movie that spawns a masturbation break is a movie for me."