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Trilogy of Terror 2

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


 Yikes, I think this was made for TV and it was made in Canada! It's sort of a Creepshow rip off with 3 half hour or so horror tales. Ok so far it's made for TV, it's Canadian and thirdly all 3 tales star the same chick! In each tale she either changes her hair or accent! Now that is pretty cheesy and cheap looking! I guess hiring 3 actresses was out of the question for each tale.

Anyway the first tale is about some rich old bastrad who finds out that his wife is having an affair on him and makes her a deal...she will remain in his will as long as she doesn't sleep around anymore. Ok so her and her affair lover decide to kill him and clain the will money. So they kill him and he is burried in a grave yard with bad rat problems...after he is barried his wife needs to dig him up to find some code in his watch he was burried with. Ok so she and her lover dig him up...giant rats come out...steal the old man's body...she chases after the body...rats get her trapped in their underground tunnels and then they eat her alive...WOW did that ever suck! The rats looked like stuffed animals and you tell people were just pushing them along the ground...they either had wheels on them or the rats were so smart they could roller blade.

The second tale stars the same chick from the first tale but this time she has a different hair color and hair-do! her son died in the water outside her house and she somehow brings him back from dead...of course she is happy to have her son back but little Bobby isn't so happy to see her. He wants to kick her ass because he blames her for his death. So anyway he chases her around the house for 30 minutes playing hide-and-go-seek but instead of tagging her out he wants to kill her. This tale was very very very boring! The kid was horrible at acting and I wanted her to kill the little bastard the whole time because wouldn't shut the hell up! "Where's mommy hiding", "Bobby is going to get mommy", "bobby is going to kill mommy"...etc.

The third tale was about this little Guni Hunter Doll who came to life and killed a couple of girls. The doll was found in the oven of the apartment where the 2 girls were found was then sent to Doctor This Time I Have An English Accent(yes the same girl from the first 2 tales) and she was doing some tests on it. Ok so anyway the doll comes to life and chases her around for the rest of the tale. This was something you couldn't help but laugh at! The doll was sooooo dumb looking, it kept making these stupid noises and once again it looked like someone was just pushing him along the floor. I never noticed any roller skates on him anyway. Ok so anyway she tries to kill him many many times and can't...she finally throws him in Sulphuric Acid...he appears to be dead...she gets closer...he somehow gets into her and then she is the Guni Hunter...the tale ends...I hit stop quickly...rewind the damn thing and knock myself out with an ashtray hoping to forget I ever saw it!