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Troll 2 - Someone told me to rent this and they also told me it was awful and well they were right!!! I'm really scared to see part 1 after seeing part 2. I can't believe anyone actually put money up to make a sequel!!! This has just down right horrible acting and the trolls look sooooo stupid!!! They look like perverted wrinkled old men. The story of the movie is sooo bad...a family goes to stay at a house in a town called Nilbog(Goblin spelled backwards) and the little boy in the family keeps getting visit from his dead grandad who keeps telling him that the goblins are going to kill them if they eat and food there(sound dumb yet?)...God this isn't even worth repeating! Bottom line is this movie sucks like no other movie has sucked before!!! Hopefully have part 1 up soon :)