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Uncle Sam(1997)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"Uncle Sam wants you! Dead!"

Wow, there are bad movies and then there are BAD movies! You would think by looking at the movie box, that Uncle Sam would be totally off the wall comic-horror worth some great laughs and some  cheesy one liners. Instead it's a much failed stab at a serious horror movie! What were the movie makers thinking?

Sam Harper, known as Uncle Sam to his bad acting nephew named Jody, died in a helicoptor crash in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Three or four years later his body is found and is flown home to be burried. Just before the funeral, Sam rises as a zombie who is out to kick some unpatriotic American  ass! How and why did he rise? No clue. Just shows a few punks burning an American flag and pissing in Sam's soon to be grave and next thing you know he's awake as a zombie and on a cheesy killing frenzy. After deposing of the teens, Sam finds himself an Uncle Sam costume and wreaks havoc on the small town during the Forth of July  festivities. Watch out tax cheats, draft dogers and people who rented this movie thinking it would be good! Hang  on for the worst 80 some minutes of horror movie you have ever seen! Well unless you watched Cut...Anyway...

This is the sort of movie that needed to be at least funny to make it half way enjoyable.  If Uncle Sam was more like Jack Frost or even the Ice Cream Man, it could have saved it somewhat. The acting by the kid playing Jody was more than enough to ruin this flick for me.  I wanted to smash the kid's face in everytime he opened his mouth! Also, Isaac Hayes should stick to doing episodes of South Park and never attempt to act in a movie again. The finale with him shooting Uncle Sam with a cannon is such a joke! Just stand there Uncle Sam for 5 minutes to give Isaac time to light the fuse a couple of times and blow your ass back to Kuwait!

After watching Uncle Sam the question I keep asking myself the most is WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS ABOUT? The guy comes back as a zombie for what purpose besides killing unpatriotic Americans? They tried to develope a  story surrounding his past and family but nothing ties together in the end. It becomes Uncle Who?, and basically  it's just another 'Let's stop the crazy zombie from killing people' movie.

Henry's Comments

 "Fuck, I'd rather watch Uncle Buck!"