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The Vampire Happening - Alright here we have one of those let's put a hot half naked chick on the front of this box and trick people into renting it! Well yes it did work on me...but hey that is good because now I can warn all of you of how bad it sucked. This movie is about a movie star who visits her great grandmother's castle...her great grand mother was a vampire and she looks exactly like her...well except for the hair color but luckily she just happens to own some wigs. So anyway her great grandmother's coffin is in the basement and when she opens it she awakens her in her vampire form. The vampire pretends to be her and kills a couple of guys that her grand daughter had seduced. It ends with some sort of vampire party and to tell you the truth I had no idea what the hell was going on. All I know is that this movie sucked with a capital S so don't let the box fool you. This is nothing but 1971 low budget CRAP! Not even the tons of pointless nudity could save this movie!