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The Video Dead(1987)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



“Look what’s living inside your television”

Yet another classic 80s horror VHS review. Boy these bringback memories of hanging out at the video store and trying to determine which low budget shit horror flick I wanted to rent that evening.

The Video Dead is a classic cheeseball 80s horror movie featuring some decent gore, a plot that makes zero sense most times, horrible over-serious acting, a dog named chocolate and some very cool looking zombies who laugh and kill people in extremely entertaining ways.

The movie begins with a package being delivered to the wrong house, a TV set that is a portal between zombies and the real world.  Some zombies escape through the TV set(The Ring riped this off!!!), kill the guy who the package was delivered to and then seem to disappear and hang out in the woods for three months after the movie says Three Months Later on the screen... yeah this is where it starts not to make sense!

Zoe and her brother Jeff then live in the same house while their parents are away after buying it, all of a sudden the Video Dead Zombies are shown in the woods after Jeff’s friend April’s dog escapes the house and wonders into the woods.  They find the pooch dead(it ran into one of the video dead) and I guess the zombies follow Jeff and April back and decide to start killing people in some very hilarious and creative ways.  That is, until Mr Daniels arrives on the scene, this guy knows about the TV being delivered to the wrong house and is ready to use his horrible acting skills to do whatever he can to stop the Video Dead!!!

Ever see a woman placed in a washing machine upside down, with her legs sticking straight up, then the washer turned on and the water drain going blood red while two zombies laugh their asses off? No?  Well then you have to see this flick haha.

So yeah this movie is terrible, but terribly entertaining for most of it’s run time. You will catch yourself asking what is this about again several times.  The last 15 minutes are unbareable I will admit.  But everything before that is pure gold. If you can hunt this down, I recommend checking it out for a very good chuckle.


Henry's Comments

 "Mmm for the blonde who comes through the TV for that fucking loser Jeff. It made no sense but that’s ok."