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Voodoo Dawn - I'd rather die then watch this movie again. You want to talk about boring? You want to talk about a movie that makes little or no sense(mainly because it's so damn boring and you drift off)? It takes place in one of those southern countries and 2 college kids pick up this hitch hiking chick. The chick is on her way to go see some witch doctor because she has to show her some necklace she found, her father worried that it could be a bad omen or whatever. Anyway one of the college guys gets bit by some weirdo and when the witch doctot sees the necklace and hears about the guy getting bit she gets all freaky because for some reason or another it means that a Voodoo doctor is on the loose and is trying to make a Voodoo Man...a man made up of pieces of different people...that's why the guy was biten I guess?!?! Damn this movie sucked and was way too confusing!!! The cool thing about this movie was the fact that the witch doctor I think is actually Aunt Jamima(sp) from the pan cake commercials. I recommend this movie to pan cake die hards only.