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Warlock 3 The End of Innocence

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Not nearly as on good as the first 2 Warlock films! What is up with the plot?  The Warlock use to be cool and wanted to take over the world... Now he is hunting down  some college kids in an old house. Wow someone's evil ambition has gone down hill. The story  really made no sense to me... The main woman in the film has something to do with some kid  the Warlock tried to sacrifice many years before. The little girl escaped and now that the woman in the movie is in the house he can finish his sacrifice...something stupid like that. Yeah so anyway it was hard to stay focused on the story but the parts that did keep me interested were pretty well done. When the woman first gets to the house all by herself there are some good chill scenes as  she wonders around the house...lots of creepy sounds and some cool dream shots where she sees the little girl. The only other redeeming part of the movie is that there is some nudity in it!  It's a pretty dull movie for the most part. Basically no humor or entertainment. Anyway I hate to give this movie 2 lobsters but it was better then 1 lobster...maybe I need to start issuing half lobsters. I'll throw the idea out and see what Henry has to say.

Henry's Comments

 "This Warlock movie can suck my cock!"